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Big John Field Boss Pull Type Sprayers

Big John Field Boss Pull Type Sprayers
(1250 Gallon)


Big_John_Field_Boss_1250_Gal_Pull_Sprayer Big_John_Field_Boss_1250_Gal_Pull_Sprayer (492 KB)

Big John Field Boss Pull Type Sprayer Big John Field Boss Pull Type Sprayer
Big John Field Boss Pull Type Sprayer Big John Field Boss Pull Type Sprayer

Smooth Rides Over The Roughest Ground


Heavy duty frame that will withstand the twists and turns of hills, terraces and washouts. With a parking jack and an in-tongue walk-up steps to the fill platform. 1250 gallon poly tank with molded in markings and wash tank. Multi hydraulic valve bank allows for seven function boom system but only requires one tractor outlet. Total boom suspension. Dual parallel lift arms for boom height control 20' to 60'. Spring loaded heavy duty cross axle coupled with 12.4 x 38 tires makes for a smooth ride over the roughest ground. The enhanced ride provides for a more uniform spray application. Dual pumping system facilitates less foaming problems and a complete and easy tank clean out. Raven Automatic spray controller. Motorized boom valves allow easy on/off of each boom section as you start, finish a field, work over terraces and point rows. The Field Boss is built to withstand the rigorous use of today's no-till farming.


• Reduced down time

• Reduced labor cost

• State of the art 90', five section boom

• Radial tires for compaction control

• Excellent return on investment


• Two fills per quarter

• 89 acres per hour

• High Speed: 7-12mph

• Low equipment cost per hour


• Chemical inductor

• Foam marker

• Light bar

• Auto steer

• 60' 80' 90' Booms

• Wheel size

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