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 Protect your out of pocket cost on wind damaged pivots with
The Pivot Guard system is designed to help prevent damage to pivot irrigation systems in severe winds. Each Pivot Guard unit is an electrically driven hold down auger that is mounts on one or more towers of a center pivot, and controlled by one CPU. It is designed to add stability to the system during extreme winds. Most systems are stable in winds up to 55mph. The Pivot Guard system adds security when winds range from 60 to 100mph. Depending on the storm track most damage is done to the outer three towers. This is because most of the time the end tower is the first to be flipped causing a domino effect. The use of a Pivot Guard unit on one to three of the end towers will prevent most damage. However there are also cases when only the middle towers are upset, so you might choose to install a Pivot Guard on each tower to totally protect a pivot. As you know not all losses ( out of pocket expenses ) are covered. The current insurance programs cover the base pivot and at most up to eighty five percent of crop losses. The Pivot guard is a good way to provide GAP insurance for your farming operation. Let the  Pivot Guard coupled with Storm Alert (cell phone controlled) protect your investment.

Pivot Deductible $500.00 - $2500.00       
Average = $1500.00     
Yield Lost Due to New Pivot Setup 5-10 acres 
6 acres average x 200bu. 1200 bu x $3.50=$4200.00 
Yield Loss on total field. Due to Down Pivot 20%-40% 
Average 200bu/acre Yield Average with 85% multi peril coverage15% of uninsured risk = 30bu 
20% of 30bu= 6 bu per acre loss on 130 acres.
780 bu x $3.50 = $2730.00 Deductible+ Yield Loss =  $8430.00

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