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Alan Anderson, formerly with Syngenta Seeds, has purchased the Big John Detassler (Mowers/Pullers) states" We have not had any difficulty with our units, the shop and staff always have what I need and there is no difficulty in getting it. What I really like about the Big John machine is the ease of working on the machine. Most of the wear items can easily be purchased at the local JD Dealer for engine parts and most hydraulic parts can be found at local hydraulic stores. The tractors are heavy built to withstand the test of time. I have had Big John Equipment for over 20 years." 

Reagan, with Chosen Ag Services in Florida, has purchased the Big John Field Topper, states "We have not had any problems with operating our units. We always receive parts on time and the service is friendly and fast. I am always satisfied with the products and the customer service provided by Big John Mfg. I highly recommend them." 

John, with Munson Hybrid, has purchased the PDF Detasslers, and states "We reviewed the operating instructions and then called with any questions we had. We received excellent help over the phone and we were able to clarify some procedures. Big John has been excellent at getting the parts we need when we need them. Detassling is no time to be down waiting on parts. We have been using PDF Detasslers for a number of years and have been impressed with the entire Big John Team. Parts come when we need them, the service department helps troubleshoot our older machines and always gets it right. I will call Big John for our next machine!" 

Marlin, with Teeter Irrigation, has purchased two (2) Used PDF units, and states: "We initially did not receive a manual for our unit so we did not have a chance to look over the operating instructions, but we received it shortly after the unit and had no problems. We have not had to order any parts at this time. Jim and Kathryn were both good to work with and they were honest and answered all of our questions. We would like to order/buy more 420 machines if you ever find some more!" 

Do you have a Big John PDF Detassling/Hi Boy units and would like to provide us with your feedback? Contact our office and we would be glad to help you!

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